Online Ordering – Make Group Orders Easy

Organizing group orders can be a burden for volunteers. Collecting sizes and money beforehand and then sorting out who ordered what afterwards…It’s almost a full time job! Which is why we want to do the work for you.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for running an online store… WAC Small

How long will the store run? It’s up to you and your group! Some groups want an online store for a single event and some want apparel every month. We recommend a seasonal webstore with a timeframe of 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for ordering. Opening the store seasonally often yields the best sales. In addition, you can offer products that fit the weather and customers have a clear expectation of when they will receive their finished product.webstore products 1

How much do the products cost? Price depends on product, quantity, and imprint. With screenprinting, more color costs additional money. With embroidery, the number of colors is less important than the number of stitches. But, in every case, the more you sell, the lower we can quote you. This is one of the reasons we recommend seasonal webstores. You can guarantee a minimum order, which means we can guarantee a lower cost.kingswood products 11

How can my group make money? We can add a profit to every item! Your online pricing is set by your group. We recommend increasing the price on items by $5 to make a consistent profit. At the end of the webstore’s run, we will write your organization a check!wac small 2

How many products can I offer? While we don’t have a specific limit, we recommend 5-8 items for each webstore. Fewer items help brand your group for the season and allow for smoother production. Too many options (like number of colors of shirt or winter and summer apparel) can lower sales over the course of a year. If you like variety, we recommend offering a few products and colors each season. This encourages your customer to check back every time you run your store.webstore products 2

How long does production take? We require 2 weeks for production. Often we are buying products from a number of locations and we have to check and double check that every person’s order has come in correctly. After everything is finished, we sort every order for you.

How do I get my product? With local groups, we often offer a free “local pickup” option. The main organizer for the team picks up the pre-sorted bags and distributes them at a set time and location. We can also ship via UPS or the Postal Service for a shipping and handling fee.kingswood products 22Can I return a product? Unfortunately, all items are custom-made and non-returnable. We do our best to include size charts and  descriptions with each product to help you pick the correct item.

View our current online stores here.